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Swingarm City OHV area - Factory Butte

Swingarm City OHV area in Caineville, UT is an open OHV playground unique in the United States.  With soil made up of Bentonite clay the surface gets a crust that offers a different grip than most people are used to riding.  This terrain's surface is made up of bentonite clay , which is why it's blue-gray in color, and why it offers such great natural formations for riding. Think of something between sand dunes and rich loamy soil.  

For dirt bikes, UTV's, ATV's, and a few cars and trucks the area provides obstacles that range from easy to epic.  Ridge riding on dirt bikes, freeriding jumps, and incredible photo opportunities are available.


Primitive camping is available in the area, and there is a restroom on Factory Butte road.  The only issue is the dust, heat, and you will hear motorized vehicles all day.

Offroad RV Resort is located approximately 2.5 miles East of the entrance to Factory Butte road and Swingarm City OHV area.  Come stay at the park, play during the day at Swingarm City, tour Factory Butte and the surrounding trails, follow the road up to the Little Wildhorse Recreation Area, go left and follow it further to the Muddy Creek.  If you have a 4x4, or other capable vehicle you can even continue all the way to the Ding and Dang Canyon trailhead and Goblin Valley State Park. As always in the desert, watch out for flash flooding and the rain turning the Bentonite into a crazy 'greasy' mud!

Factory Butte Caineville, UT

Factory Butte is an amazing view and photo opportunity

RZR XP 1000 at Swingarm City OHV area in Caineville UT

Dirt Bike jumping at Swingarm City Utah

Suzuki RMX 450 dirt bike jumping at Swingarm City.

Ford Raptor at Swingarm City

Ford Raptor at Swingarm City.  (pic courtesy of ford raptor adventures)

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