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Medium length rides - These can easily be short day rides with stops, lunch, or at a slower pace.  As always in the desert, please be aware of your surroundings and the potential for flooding, adverse weather, and your own limits and those of your vehicle.

Around the Butte loop - This is an easy to moderate 35 mile loop starting from Offroad RV Resort up Factory Butte Rd, behind the Caineville Mesa, and exiting on Hwy 24 for a short 7 mile Hwy drive back to the RV park.  Most of the trail is county gravel road and bentonite trail with a very fun section behind the mesa we're kinda calling the 'black snake' section with lots of twists and turns.

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Around The Butte Factory Butte Loop Map

Goblin Valley Trail - Easy to Moderate 26 mile out and back trail from Offroad RV Resort to Din & Dang canyon trailhead parking lot.  Follows the same path as the Muddy Creek Crossing trail until you cross the river.


Start from Offroad RV Resort to Factory Butte Rd, past Little Wildhorse recreation area, across the Muddy Creek, thru the painted desert, over the ridgelines, thru the wash to the Din & Dang Canyon Trailhead.

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Goblin Valley Trail Map
Muddy Creek River Crossing

Cathedral Valley Loop trail - This 63 mile loop trail is kind of an extension of the Around the Factory Butte loop.  The Cathedral Valley trail is one of the most popular trails in the area, especially for the 4x4 drivers.  There are a lot of scenic views, stopping points, and changes of riding terrain on this loop.  To complete the loop back to Offroad Rv Resort you will need to travel approximately 15 miles on Highway 24.

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Cathedral Valley Loop trail map
Old drilling rig
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