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Local Off Road trails with OnX files, photos, and descriptions

There are miles and miles of trails out here, these a just a few. We will be constantly adding to this page with new info as fast as we can get out ride and explore.

Arch Trail - Easy 11.2 mi out and back from Offroad RV Park

Muddy Creek crossing trail -  Easy 16.3 mile from Offroad RV park out and back past Factory Butte and Little Wildhorse to the Muddy Creek crossing

As you approach the Muddy Creek from the South, make sure you take the left trail through the sand/reeds to come to the diagonal crossing picture above.  This is the safest crossing if you choose to cross the river and continue towards Goblin Valley, Behind the Reef, etc

OnX Offroad link

Moonscape overlook trail - Easy 10.3 drive from Offroad RV Resort to the overlook.

Take Factory Butte rd to Rd 0913 to the Moonscape overlook.  Incredible views for the photographers!

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Goblin Valley Trail - Easy to Moderate 26 mile out and back trail from Offroad RV Resort to Din & Dang canyon trailhead parking lot.  Follows the same path as the Muddy Creek Crossing trail until you cross the river.

Start from Offroad RV Resort to Factory Butte Rd, past Little Wildhorse recreation area, across the Muddy Creek, thru the painted desert, over the ridgelines, thru the wash to the Din & Dang Canyon Trailhead.

OnX link

Behind the Reef loop trail - This is a moderate to difficult 105 mile loop from Offroad RV Resort that follows the same route as the Goblin Valley Trail for the first part.  It then takes you on about 12 miles of paved road past Goblin Valley State Park entrance to the San Rafael Swell area and the Behind the Reef Trail. 


This may be the most scenic trail in Utah.  The beginning of the Behind the Reef trail is steep, narrow, and rated a black section.  There are cabins, slot canyon access points, and you will likely encounter multiple trail users so please be considerate.

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Long Dong Silver trail - I only put this on here because we get asked so much.  The OnX route is shown starting from Offroad RV Resort.  I cannot emphasize how boring and anti climactic this trail / hike is, but it's popular, so here it is.

From Offroad RV Resort, drive down Hwy 24 about 1.5 miles, go North thru the bentonite desert.  At the BLM land you have to stop and hike the last .8 mile on foot.  It's hot, dusty, and barren.  It will lead you into a box canyon to a rather unremarkable obelisk (pictured) Long Dong Silver.

OnX link

Around the Butte loop - This is an easy to moderate 35 mile loop starting from Offroad RV Resort up Factory Butte Rd, behind the Caineville Mesa, and exiting on Hwy 24 for a short 7 mile Hwy drive back to the RV park.  Most of the trail is county gravel road and bentonite trail with a very fun section behind the mesa we're kinda calling the 'black snake' section with lots of twists and turns.

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