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Long rides - These are full day rides with most having one or more challenging sections.  We strongly recommend downloading our OnX maps before going as well as taking all precautions necessary for a remote desert ride.  Weather, mechanical breakdowns, etc may all be a factor, so please protect yourself and if possible ride with others to be safe.  And as always, respect the environment and have fun!

Poison Springs Canyon desert loop trail -  This is full day ride about 99 miles long that will take you from Offroad RV Resort thru the desert over a variety of terrain to Poison Springs Canyon.  Poison Springs Canyon is a beautiful 16 mile out and back to the Dirty Devil river.  The route we show takes the alternate (more difficult) route at the beginning of Poison Springs but you can definitely take the road and get most of the views and scenery.  We also show this loop coming back via Hwy 95 thru Hanksville since after 99 miles most drivers prefer that vs coming back thru the desert.  It also gives you a change to gas up and grab a bite to eat in Hanksville if you choose.

You may want to give yourself some extra time on this ride to take photos and videos.

OnX link

Poison Springs Ride Map from Offroad RV Resort
Blue Valley Benches - Lost Springs Sign
Little Moab Slickrock Area
Trail Marker 0972

Behind the Reef loop trail - This is a moderate to difficult 105 mile loop from Offroad RV Resort that follows the same route as the Goblin Valley Trail for the first part.  It then takes you on about 12 miles of paved road past Goblin Valley State Park entrance to the San Rafael Swell area and the Behind the Reef Trail. 


This may be the most scenic trail in Utah.  The beginning of the Behind the Reef trail is steep, narrow, and rated a black section.  There are cabins, slot canyon access points, and you will likely encounter multiple trail users so please be considerate.

OnX link

Behind The Reef Trail Map

Some sections of the trail can a get a little spicy. After the severe rains last year this section got a little more challenging.

Henry Mountain loop - This is a moderate ride (about 95 miles) from the RV park through the fast desert sections to the main road South out of Hanksville that leads to the Henry Mountains.  When the weather gets hot, it's a great respite from the heat and you might even see some wild buffalo on the ride.  There are too many side trails and loops to show them all here once you get up to the Henry Mountains, so having a good app or map is critical.

OnX link

Henry Mountain Loop Trail Map
RZR XP1000 on Henry Mountain Trail
Henry Mountain Trail
Henry Mountains Buffalo
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