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Offroad RV Resort is the perfect place to stay if you're looking to explore the best of what Southern Utah has to offer. We are close to national and state parks, miles of off road trails, photographic cliffs, and have hundreds of trees along the Fremont river that runs through the RV park. When the day is done and you are ready to relax after a long day of exploring, you can enjoy a campfire with plenty of room between you and the next RV space.  If you are looking for a less crowded Southern Utah experience, be sure to add Offroad RV Resort to your next RV trip.

Capitol Reef National Park is the most well known attraction in the area.  Day hikes, sightseeing, scenic road trips and more are available within a short 20 minute drive.

Goblin Valley State Park is another lesser known attraction that the kids tend to love.  Mornings may be the best time to avoid the heat of the day mid season, but astrophotography is also a growing past time for visitors.

Factory Butte - Swingarm City draws photographers, dirt bike riders, and others from around the country to view and ride the surreal landscape that is reminiscent of the moon surface.


Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) - The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) 38.406, -110.791  is another popular short trip destination while in the area and can also be easily reached by most four wheel drive vehicles.  The station does not allow visitors but you can explore the surrounding terrain and envision how similar it can be to the Red Planet.

Long Dong Silver - Colorfully named 38.233, -110.495 and located just a couple miles East and North of Offroad RV Resort, this spire formation is located in a box type canyon that can only be accessed via a short 2 mile hike.  Please be prepared for the desert sun and heat if you choose to explore.

Long Dong Silver trail - I only put this on here because we get asked so much.  The OnX route is shown starting from Offroad RV Resort.  I cannot emphasize how boring and anti climactic this trail / hike is, but it's popular, so here it is.

From Offroad RV Resort, drive down Hwy 24 about 1.5 miles, go North thru the bentonite desert.  At the BLM land you have to stop and hike the last .8 mile on foot.  It's hot, dusty, and barren.  It will lead you into a box canyon to a rather unremarkable obelisk (pictured) Long Dong Silver.

OnX link

Long Dong Silver trail
Long Dong Silver Obelisk


Outlaw's Roost - Located about 7 miles down the road in nearby Hanksville.  Outlaws Roost offers healthy Mexican food, street tacos, and cold beer and Margarita's.  A great casual dining spot for lunch or dinner.

Duke's Slickrock Grill - Located about 7 miles away in nearby Hanksville. Duke's Slickrock Grill is a western-style steakhouse that offers a wide variety of hearty dine-in options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu features steaks, ribs, chicken, burgers, and more. Duke's is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Stan's Burger shack - Located about 7.5 miles away in nearby Hanksville next to the Silver Eagle gas station.  Stan's offer fast food type burgers and an excellent variety of shakes.

Outlaws Roost Restaurant in Hanksville UT
Duke's Slickrock Grill in Hanksville UT
Stan's Burger Shack in Hanksville UT
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