Things to do

Side by Side riding

Swingarm City OHV area is 2.8 miles from the entrance to Offroad RV Resort.  While we can’t legally say it’s ok to ride along the highway we have seen quite a few riders doing it.  Additionally street legal UTV's are permitted to drive on highway 24.

Poison Springs Canyon can also be reached riding UTV’s from our location as well via some great open desert trail and county roads.  It’s a long trip (figure 100 miles there and back), but it’s worth it.  We are working on getting the existing trails a little more ‘broken in’ and marked.  And you really need an app like OnX or Avenza to help find the roads and trails to get to the start of the Poison Spring Canyon unless you have a guide, are familiar with the area, are adventuresome, or just like wandering the desert.


Factory Butte road (Coal Mine road) is 2.3 miles away and leads to Factory Butte and Muddy Creek river crossing after riding thru the Wild Horse Mesa Wilderness area.  About 17 miles each way from the resort entrance.  The creek is a great place to get wet and cool off.  Please 'Stay the Trail' thru the Wild Horse Mesa area!

**** Due to numerous requests here's a link to the Utah non resident OHV permit application.

Auto Day trips

Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument


Link to Grand Staircase National Monument


The Northern entrance to the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument is within a 2 hr drive and is a great day trip loop that will take you thru Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey, up over Boulder mountain, and along the Burr Trail (make sure your vehicle is capable!).  The hikes, opportunities for lunch stops, and just taking pictures can make this a multiple day round trip. 


The Burr Trail switchbacks are not for the faint of heart.  Burr Trail Switchback Links


Capitol Reef National Park

Link To National Park Service Site


Ding and Dang Canyons hike -

Factory Butte road (Coal Mine road) is 2.3 miles away and leads North past Factory Butte, thru Muddy creek wilderness, Big Wild Horse wilderness area to the Muddy Creek river crossing, then across some barren scenic terrain and a great dry wash canyon run (with only one short technical area) to the Ding and Dang Slot Canyons


Total driving distance from the resort to the Slot canyons is 27 miles and it's also a fun 4x4 or SxS trip!

Goblin Valley State Park - 

Goblin Valley includes an area where soft sandstone has eroded into interesting shapes, somewhat resembling goblins. In some spots the rock formations are close together and produce a maze-like playground ideal for family explorations.

Hiking in Goblin Valley