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Our Story

Offroad RV Resort was built with the goal of providing a boondocking type experience but with full utility hookups and lots of space for large RV’s and toys.  We have been avid RV campers, SXS riders, and hiking enthusiasts for years and for the most part always camped off grid.  We always lamented the lack of space in most RV parks where you could hear your neighbors conversation and often read what brand of peas they were cooking for dinner from the package label because the sites were so close.

That’s why when we looked for land to develop into an RV resort we looked for land all over southern Utah before assembling a couple parcels nestled between scenic highway 24 and the Fremont river.  We always thought that the combination of being near a National park, along a river, and with clean water and full utility hookups in the desert was a dream.  Ideally we wanted something where our guests could ride directly from their site to trails.

​Additionally, we have begun to explore the area ourselves with hiking, 4 wheeling and SxS's and posting our impressions and recommendations on nearby attractions for our guests to use.


Creating a spacious RV park is an incredibly expensive, time consuming, and difficult process but we love the lifestyle, meeting new people, and where we live.  We have a lot of plans for added amenities and expansion to more than just the 32 initial sites and deeply appreciate all the support we have received for this RV resort development so far from customers, friends, and Wayne County.

Offroad RV Resort Raw Land

There was lots of work to do, but we fell in love with the land and the river running thru it.

Fremont River at Offroad RV Resort
Clearing land at Offroad RV Resort
Ram 3500 Stuck in Mud in Utah

Clearing the land took a year.

Sometimes we got stuck

Utility Trench

So many trenches dug

RV Park Power Poles Being Installed
4x4 Posts for RV Park Signs
RV Park Land Clearing

Getting power after 7 months was a blessing

Lots of cement and 4x4's

There was so much to do

Rocks for RV Park

Over 6,000 tons of road base and rock were delivered

RV Park New Tree
Rainbow over RV Park

Now that were open it's all sunshine and

RV Park Tree Planting

Update for 2023, we've been busy planting trees.  We cut and planted over 200 new saplings in the last year.  The pics above are from a Cottonwood sapling we took from down by the river.  When we planted it last year it was only as thick as your thumb and about 5' tall. The growth in one year has been amazing!

What's new for the 2024 season?

Firewood,  cube and block ice are now available for sale at the RV park.

We expanded all our RV sites side pads. Heidi re-lined all the rocks.

We built a large overflow parking lot for extra vehicles and trailers.

We graded a fresh topping of base to the 'Forbidden Forest' walking path.

We also built a little barndo for us which allows us to use the 5th wheel solely as an office.  Plus a little more space made the cats happy and allowed me to get the vehicles inside.  I've always wanted to build a house by hand myself, now that we did it, I don't want to do it again, lol.

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